How to show Rating Stars and Traffic Light Indicators in Power-BI

Description: In most of the scenarios we need to visualize the Data (Performances) with Rating Stars or Traffic light indicators.  

                  Following are the steps illustrating the performance indicators in Power-BI reports.



Step 1:

        As per the data our requirement, the stars in a new column based on the rating column. So we need to write a measure with Unichar codes. Please follow the below measure for stars rating.

Stars =
REPT(UNICHAR(9733), AVERAGE('Sheet1'[Rating ]))      &
REPT(UNICHAR(9734), 5-AVERAGE('Sheet1'[Rating ]))



Step 2:

      Now we can write two more measure with unichar codes based on the same rating column.

Measure 1:

     Mensymbol =
REPT (UNICHAR (128697), AVERAGE ('Sheet1'[Rating]))


Measure 2:

Lights =
REPT(UNICHAR(11044), AVERAGE('Sheet1'[Rating ]))



Note: Use conditional formatting on lights measure for requiring colour conditions.

Thank you.


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