Dynamic data display Based on User Selection

Description: Sometimes we need to display the dynamic data based on Slicer Selection in Power-BI. Let me describe the scenario and the steps to achieve it.

Step 1:   Source Data

Step 2:  Create one calculated measure:  

Step 3: Drag slicer from visualizations panel to Designer part.

Step 4: Drag ID column to slicer field so that the slicer will get impacted by ID column data.

Step 5: Drag card visual from Visualization panel to Designer part.

Step 6:  Drag measure to the card visual field, then slicer will be impacted by Measure column.

Step 7: Now go ahead and check the card visual, it will be work as per our requirement. Follow the below picture for easy recognition.

Step 8: If you don’t select any slicer value then card visual will be shown as “ALL SELECTED”

Thank you.


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