How to install personal Gateway and configure with Data sets


      The primary purpose this blog will be helpful for how to download personal gateway and configure with data sets and also schedule refresh for Require data sets.

Step 1:

          Search in Google as “Download power bi gateway personal” and click on “Power BI Gateway Microsoft Power BI “.

Step 2:


Step 3:

        After Download goes to desktop downloads and finds the Gateway setup.

Step 4:

        Double click on setup then on-premises data gateway installer window will be opened and click on NEXT button.

Step 5:

             Choose the type of gateway you need and click on next button.

Step 6:

         Gateway is ready to install. 

Step 7:

        Need to accept terms and conditions for installation and click on install.

Step 8:

       Installation almost completed, enter your valid email address, we need to sign in to register gateway.

Step 9:

       Enter the password and click on sign in.

Step 10:

       Now gateway is ready to use.    

Step 11:

         Now we need to apply schedule refresh for data sets. So, go to Microsoft cloud and choose dataset for applying schedule refresh.
 Note: My reports placed in my workspace.

                Go to My workspace and choose data sets and click on schedule refresh icon.

Step 12:

          Check whether Gateway connection status is running or not.

Step 13:

        Now we can apply schedule refresh for the particular time we need.

Step 14:

       If you want to see the schedule refresh history, click on Refresh history.

Step 15:

        Refresh history window will be opened. (as per this we will know to all datasets refresh history )

Thank you.


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