Hide /Unhide the Slicer Panel in Power-BI

 Description: In general Slicers are occupying most of the space in the report area. We can overcome this issue by using Slicer panel with Hide / Unhide features. Following are the steps to achieve it.

Step 1:

    Drag one text box to power desktop and write heading as per requirement. 

Step 2:

     Arrange require filters in the existing text box.

Step 3:

          Arrange left and right arrow buttons in the text box.

Step 4:

        Create two bookmarks with Require names.

Step 5:

    Apply Bookmarks action for left and right buttons which was placed in the text box.

Picture 1:


Picture 2: 

Step 6:

         Update both bookmarks and will start work on that.

Note:  Use CTRL before using bookmarks in power BI desktop.

Thank you. 


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